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Let's start how to use and successfully send the first message in the chat room we created

Usage Steps

  1. Register Web3MQ Account

    • Type your password
    • Generate Wallet signature Signing secret data(your password and other info) with Wallet (MetaMask/StarkNet)
    • Generate Ed25519 key pair use wallet signature which call Main KeyPair
    • Signing register info use MetaMask or StarkNet and Call register api
  2. User login

    • Generate login key pair
    • Use Main KeyPair signing login key pair
    • Call login api
  3. Create a group (chat room)

    • Create a group for next step
  4. Send Connect Command, Web3MQ Command use protobuf v3

    • Send connect command to server
  5. Send a message in Group (chat room)

    • Send a message in previou create group