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Web3MQ Documentation
Web3-native decentralized communication protocol. Encrypted, efficient and borderless.
Learn about Web3MQ

Web3MQ is currently the fastest and most scalable social L1 & messaging network. Web3MQ, as a Web3 native communication protocol, fully embodies the fundamental characteristics of encryption by being decentralized and supporting distributed sovereignty. These characteristics empower Web3MQ to be a truly trustless network, which upholds the open and inclusive spirit of open source. Anyone can run the node, and the network will ultimately be governed by the community, minimizing the risk of a single point of failure resulting from centralized governance.

WebMQ‘s sub-protocols (DAppMQ, PushMQ, and SocialMQ) outline and complete the Web3 communication infrastructure landscape in different aspects. DAppMQ bridges decentralized applications, supporting signature routing and authentication; PushMQ links decentralized applications to users, supporting one-way notifications to users; SocialMQ connects users to users, supporting encrypted messaging via direct messages (DMs) or group chat without a third party.

Getting started
Quick Start
A technical introduction to the features and ecosystem of Web3MQ to get you up and running in minutes
Sovereign reach between decentralized applications (including Wallets, DIDs, GameFi, and other dapps) enabled by a fully open and trustless network
Actionable social connections among users of decentralized applications to de-fragmentize the current Web3 social ecosystem
Boost and monetize engagement and retention via personalized notifications